10th April 2018 hustlers-bangkok-things-to-do

How to get ready for a snooker tournament

Mihnea: I know is a great celebration getting back in the game. So what’s next? Stuart: The next tournament for me snooker-wise is next week and […]
9th April 2018 bangkok-hustlers-single-ladies

Thailand Snooker Ranking Series: Stuart Pettman vs Thepchaiya Un Nooh

Mihnea: Alright, so let’s get down to the game. How did the game start? Stuart: The game started quite well for me. I pot a really […]
8th April 2018

How to Qualify for the Thailand Snooker Ranking Series

Mihnea: Did you still qualify for the match? Stuart: Yes, I qualified in Bangkok against a very good young player coming up. I played quite well […]
7th April 2018 -bangkok-thailand

Pool Hall vs Snooker Hall Atmosphere

Mihnea: Speaking of professional, I walk into Hustlers, unbutton my shirt, take my shirt out and just play. And then you look at a professional snooker […]
6th April 2018 thailand billiards association

Thailand Billiards and Snooker Association

Mihnea: Who organized this event? Stuart: It’s by the Thailand Billiards and Snooker Association. They organize like five or six tournaments every year where you go […]
5th April 2018 stuart-pettman-pool-billiards-bangkok

Playing Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, Thailand’s Best Snooker Player

Mihnea: So when was the last game? Stuart: The last game was actually on my birthday which was the 24th of April, last month. Mihnea: At […]
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