15th April 2018 bangkok-hustlers-pool-bar

What Makes Hustlers Bangkok a Special Pool Hall

Stuart: There’s no smoking in here, it’s beautifully decorated and all the tables are maintained to the highest standard. We re-cover our tables every six months […]
14th April 2018 ladies-pool-competitions

Bangkok Hustlers Ladies High Roller Tournament

Mihnea: I came here one day with my wife and you guys had like a ladies tournament. Stuart: Yes, we’ve just started doing like a ladies […]
13th April 2018 sixteen pool tournaments a year

Hustlers Bangkok Runs 16 Pool Tournaments in a Year

Mihnea: What tournament do you still run at Hustlers? Stuart: We still have our Sunday ranking tournament, every second Sunday. We have a ranking series comprised […]
12th April 2018 best pool hall in bangkok

Hustlers Bangkok: The Busiest Pool Hall in Thailand

Mihnea: What’s the busiest day at Hustlers Bangkok? Stuart: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays you cannot get a table. Mihnea: Do you have to book in advance […]
10th April 2018 hustlers-bangkok-things-to-do

How to get ready for a snooker tournament

Mihnea: I know is a great celebration getting back in the game. So what’s next? Stuart: The next tournament for me snooker-wise is next week and […]
9th April 2018 bangkok-hustlers-single-ladies

Thailand Snooker Ranking Series: Stuart Pettman vs Thepchaiya Un Nooh

Mihnea: Alright, so let’s get down to the game. How did the game start? Stuart: The game started quite well for me. I pot a really […]
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