Hustlers Bangkok Recommends Why Women Should Play Pool

    Posted on November 18, 2017 09:09 AM by Admin


    We at Hustlers Bangkok often wonder if there is an invisible boundary line that stops women from playing pool. In general, higher male participation and enthusiasm for pool seems to prove that pool is predominantly a male sport. However, with regular Ladies High Roller tournaments at Hustlers Bangkok, we have witnessed great games being played out by the ladies. Our regular players at the Ladies High Roller have shown precision and intensity, often leaving the male onlookers astounded.


    Here is are the reasons why we recommend women should play pool

    1. Equal Edge

    Women and men have equal edge when it comes to a game like pool. Aim and precision is vital to this sport, and women have the same potentials to use their eyes, mind and stroke. When it comes to paying attention to details it cannot be denied that women do have an eye for detail. In pool, this is advantageous since pool requires players to focus on angles and do quick estimations. Women seem to be fast on their feet and focus on details that helps them estimate trajectories in the game.

    2. Boosts your confidence

    Pool is one of the sports that sharpens the mind. This one aspect of the game helps boost your confidence. Pool requires players to keep distractions at bay. When you learn to ignore the noise and movements around you during the game, you inevitably learn how to steer away from distractions and make you more determined to succeed. Once determined, you can be self-assured and you will have no qualms in showing your confidence.

    3. Alternative to great workout

    If you have been thinking of burning calories, playing pool will do just that for you. Walking around the table during a game itself will be a great exercise. Continual bending and stretching tones up the lower back muscles along with leg and arm muscles. Get your Fitbit on and shoot some pool and see how many calories you burn when you visit Hustlers Bangkok.

    4. Enhances Cognition

    Pool is a game where mind and body work together. While doing estimations for precise angles before striking, you are mentally stimulating your cognition. Problem-solving skills are highly required before striking a shot. Hand, eye and body coordination is improved every time you play a game of pool. Beauty matched with such great cognition is lethal.

    5. Makes you a Diva

    A woman with confidence to conquer her game is a fearless woman. And playing pool does just that for you. All it requires is will-power, precision, creativity and maturity to tackle every challenge in this game. We at Hustlers Bangkok, have seen women enter our regular Ladies High Roller tournaments and finish near the top or even winning. Unleash the diva in you and play pool at Hustlers Bangkok. See you soon…

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