Exploring Asok on Foot

    Posted on September 28, 2016 12:13 PM by Admin

    “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt once upon a time. This quote is a gentle reminder for so many of us who are aspiring for more in life but in the meantime losing track of who we are. This quote also fits perfectly with a city like Bangkok. The elevated rail network of the BTS Skytrain entices travelers to hop on it to explore the city, often abandoning the most natural means of transportation: our feet on the ground.

    The Asok area in Bangkok’s Sukumvit is a great place to explore on foot. Its ideal location between Asok BTS Station and Sukumvit MRT makes it perfect for all travelers to exit out of these stations and walk down (or up) to the streets. Besides being the center of commerce, Asok area offers a lot more for explorers who wish to go on foot. More than what’s visible to the eye!


    Here are 3 things you can do in Asok while exploring the area on foot.

    Tip 1. Eat Korean Food

    If you walk down from the BTS station and head towards Sukumvit Plaza at Soi 12, you will discover an array of Korean restaurants. Most of the menus are placed outside the restaurants so you can quickly scan the dishes and the price before you go inside the restaurant. From Korean barbeque to authentic Korean soups, these restaurants serve a large variety of Korean food.

    Popularly known as the “Korean Town”, each restaurant has something unique to offer. If you want to experience Korean traditional dinning, most restaurants offer “sit on the floor” style of dinning. If you are uncomfortable sitting cross-legged, then you can always opt for the Western style table and chair. After the Korean dining experience, you can explore the rest of the “Korean Town” in the Sukumvit Plaza as it also houses small Korean stores. Here you can buy Korean snacks and a many other Korean items.

    Tip 2. Play Pool

    As you walk out of the “Korean Town”, you can go straight to Times Square Building on your right where you can play pool at Hustlers Pool and Sports Bar. It’s just 2 minutes walk from BTS Asok Station! For pool and billiards enthusiasts, you can expect to meet novices and experts alike playing here on any given day.

    If you want to play like a pro, then you shouldn’t miss the competitions that take place every Sunday. You will surely marvel at the 380 sqm sprawling interior with their 11 full size Brunswick pool tables, wide screens showing sport events from around the world, and great music to pump up the game. Hustlers Bangkok is a great place to relax on any day of the week, whether with friends or alone.

    Tip 3. Visit Kamthieng

    The perks of walking around Asok area is that you may just discover a small part of the northern Thai village life in Kamtheing House Museum. This antique teak house museum is run by Siam Society under royal patronage. The house itself is 160 years old and, over the years, has undergone many renovations. As you step into the house, you are transported to the northern Thai village lifestyle with its daily chores, rituals, beliefs, and history.

    In an effort to preserve Thai culture, the museum exhibits indigenous craft, such as original looms that were once used to weave silk. Spook yourself up with the urban legend that claims spirits of its past occupants (Mae Thao Khamdaeng, Mae Saed and Mae Kamthieng) still seem to loom around the residence guarding their property from harm. It’s definitely a great place to get away from the noise of the city. All this only 5 minutes away from the clamor of Asok!

    So, next time you are in Asok area, remember to walk around and (re)discover Bangkok.

    Here’s what Hustlers Bangkok is all about: