3 tips for beginner pool players

    Posted on October 10, 2017 10:40 AM by Admin

    Welcome to Hustlers Bangkok. I’m Stuart Pettman, the co-owner and General Manager of Hustlers Bangkok.


    In this article I will share with you 3 basic tips for amateur pool players: the bridge, the stance, and the grip.

    The first tip is all about the bridge hand.

    It’s very important that you make a very solid base for your cue. It means that the thumb and your finger have to be very solid.

    The second tip is all about your stance.

    The stance is very important in pool because it means you’re getting your body on line with your shot and your cue is always in line with your body.

    The third and final tip is all about the grip.

    It’s very important to have a very light grip, not too strong. If the grip is too strong, you can’t get any spin on the ball, you cannot get any reaction on the ball. If it’s light, you’ve got a lot of flexibility and you get a lot of power to it.

    These are my three basic tips for amateur pool players. Remember: a strong bridge hand, a stance which is in line with your cue, and a soft grip.

    If you want to improve your game, you’re welcome to come to Hustlers Bangkok, located in the basement of Times Square Building at Asok Junction, next to Sheraton Grande Hotel.

    Now watch the video tutorial:


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