Interview with Graham Hill, the co-ower of Hustlers Bangkok

    Posted on August 7, 2016 06:58 PM by Admin

    Bangkok-based blogger and journalist V.M. Simandan interviewed Graham Hill, the co-owner of Hustlers Bangkok, and the two talked about their love and passion for cue sports and what it means to do business in Thailand.

    Hustlers Bangkok
    Graham Hill, the co-ower of Hustlers Bangkok

    Here’s a short extract of that interview about Hustlers Bangkok:

    What are some of the struggles of opening a business in Thailand? What are the benefits? 

    The main struggle is the new bars opening up. Bangkok seems to have quite a few places to play pool and a limited community of residential players. So competition is tight! This means we have to be on top of our game to provide the best service, best pool tables and best prices. On the positive side, we get to make so many friends of all nationalities. Pool is loved by every nation. It’s a great sport for meeting friends old and new!

    What is the sports bar “scene” like in Bangkok? 

    It’s competitive! There are quite a few bars out there. Each bar has some different angle. For us it’s the friendly staff, the cosy warm atmosphere and the quality of the tables which are always kept in tip top condition. It’s the best pool hall for sure.

    Read the entire interview by visiting V.M. Simandan’s blog.

    So, come to Hustlers Bangkok to experience a great game of pool:

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