How to install a kamui clear tip on small lathe machine

    Posted on April 25, 2017 03:38 PM by Admin

    Do you need to change your kamui cue tip? You’re in the right place!

    kamui tip

    Follow these 20 steps to install a kamui clear tip on small lathe machine:

    1) Cut the old tip with a blade closest to top of the ferrule. (The white part on the top of cue on which tip is installed.)
    2) Secure the shaft in the cue lathe machine.
    3) Remove any excess part of tip left on the ferrule so it is flat and clean. (If it’s not flat the tip will not stick properly.)
    4) Use sandpaper to the glue side of the tip to make it slightly rough so that it absorbs the glue and sticks better.
    5) Take out the shaft from the cue lathe machine.
    6) Apply glue on the top of the ferrule.
    7) Put the kamui clear tip on the glued ferrule.
    8) Clean the sides of any excess glue.
    9) Press the tip so that it sticks property to the ferrule.
    10) Clean the stick of any excess dust.
    11) Wait for 5 minutes for the glue to solidify.
    12) After 5 minutes check for any gaps.
    13) Put the shaft back in the cue lathe machine.
    14) Trim the side of the tip so it comes level with the ferrule.
    15) Use sand paper to smoothen the edge of the tip.
    16) Shape the top of the cue like a dome.
    17) Use a blade to put the finishing touches and smoothen the dome.
    18) Use different sandpapers to finish the side of the tip and make it shiny.
    19) Make sure the edges are absolutely smooth and clean the ferrule.
    20) Finally, use some wax or lacquer to seal the side of the tip.

    Watch the how-to instructional video: