The A – B – C of What Makes Bangkok a Versatile City

    Posted on July 1, 2017 06:17 AM by Admin

    Bangkok is one of the most versatile cities in Asia, and some might argue that even internationally, Bangkok is at the very top of being versatile.


    Here’s the A – B – C of what makes Bangkok a versatile metropolis.

    A is for Affordable

    It is quite alarming to see condos and apartments exploding everywhere which is a natural response to the demand of accommodation. The cheapest housing is usually available in suburban areas which are often well connected with the mass transit. Local restaurants and food courts serving Thai food in Bangkok are renowned for serving cheap and tasty dishes, a prime reason why tourists pour into Bangkok every minute.

    B is for Beauty

    The beauty of Bangkok likes in its culture, people, urban architecture and greenery. Amid the chaos and pollution, Bangkok has a rich culture which is a great amalgam of western and eastern cultural influences. Although most of the restaurants, shopping malls and local hangouts exhibit western influence, many of the temples, buildings and a few sites in the city maintain the Thai tradition and culture.

    The rich vibrant spirit of the multicultural and multiracial inhabitants of Bangkok adds to its beauty. The ever rising skyscrapers and towering condominiums showcase some amazing modern architectural feats. Greenery adorns Bangkok, like icing on a cake. Lush green parks, blooming flowers along park sidewalks, and beautifully manicured gardens amplify Bangkok’s beauty.

    C is for Convenience

    The most important reason why Bangkok is a convenient city is simply because everything downtown is within walking distance and easily accessible on foot. Shopping malls, museums, galleries, restaurants, hospitals, you name it, everything is within your reach if you are in the Sukumvit area, Bangkok’s major thoroughfare. Although the temperatures soar up to 30 degrees, it is easy to take the local transportation. Then there are malls where air conditioners blasting cold air offer refuge from the sweltering heat.

    And the, of course, there’s Hustlers Bangkok, the premier pool and sports bar on Sukhumvit Road.