What to Expect on the Streets of Bangkok

    Posted on May 17, 2017 09:03 AM by Admin

    Every stereotype one has had about about Bangkok City will be proven wrong once you are on the streets of Bangkok. It isn’t just about bars, beers, and babes. There is a vibrating culture and life in the streets of this top tourist destination.


    Here are the 4 notorious “F”s to expect in the streets of Bangkok:

    F #1. Food

    Thailand is a piece of food paradise. From carts to street stalls on pavements, all kinds of Thai food and fruits are available all day round. You know you are near a food stall when you can smell barbecued meat and the durian tickles your nostrils. Street vendors can be smiling and pounding papaya for somtam or stir-frying Pad Krapoa Gai while customers sit huddled up on plastic chairs enjoying their street dining experience in excitement.

    Food is very easy to find on the streets of Bangkok if you are not picky. The price is extremely reasonable and the food is relatively clean. Even if one has fears of getting sick from street food, the varieties of scrumptious dishes served on these streets are sure to encourage the adventurer in you.

    F #2. Fashion

    Bangkok streets bust the myth that fashionable clothes have to be branded and they have to be bought in a mall. The streets of Bangkok are flooded with makeshift fashion stores and stalls that sell affordable and trendy clothes for all genders and ages. From replica designer handbags to shoes, you name it, everything is available on these streets.

    However, be mindful to check for missing buttons, loose threads, and even holes!

    F #3. Festivals

    Bangkok seems to find every reason to be celebrate its Thai festivals on the streets. Owing to its rich culture, festivals frequently appear on the calendar and are duly observed nationally. Songkran and Loy Krathong are two top festivals that bring hoards of tourist from around the globe. Streets are decorated and street-shows and street-performers play music, dance and entertain people.

    Loud and blaring as it may be, these street festivals bring life and color to this concrete jungle.

    F #4. Friendship

    Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world and has maintained its reputation as being the “Land of Smiles” because of its friendly citizens. To attest this, try walking down the streets of Bangkok. If you meet eyes with any one of the street vendors and you show a faint smile, you may receive a bigger one back. This is mainly because Thais in general are very friendly.

    This may lead you to say “Hi” and exchange few pleasantries. Such interactions frequently result in striking up a friendship as well.