4 Reasons Why Sukumvit Rocks

    Posted on February 1, 2017 12:25 PM by Admin

    It’s not a gross-exaggeration to state that Sukumvit is the soul of Bangkok city. Whether you are traveling or living in Bangkok, Sukumvit seems to offer something spectacular to all its visitors with its pulsating life.


    Here are 4 reasons why Sukumvit rocks.

    1. Accessible

    Since Sukumvit is the longest boulevard of Bangkok, it is easily accessible whether you are taking the sky train, metro, boat, four wheeler or dodging the traffic in a motorbike. An interesting aspect of this endlessly long road is that the streets are numbered west to east and the streets are oddly numbered in north and evenly numbered in east. Most of the hotels and popular local destinations are ideally located close to each other. Sometimes the street or the “soi” can be easily accessed on foot or motorbike taxis. Wandering around the sois is a great way to discover this boulevard where every street seems to offer something fascinating.

    2. Dinning

    Sukumvit is synonyms with great food. Be it on streets, food courts, local restaurants, or deluxe hotels it is bound to offer gastronomic experiences. Thai food is of course rampantly abundant from street vendors to street restaurants but international cuisines from Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Middle Eastern are also some options available for tourists and locals. Besides, fast food restaurants like MacDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, and Burger King seem to be mushrooming everywhere for junk food lovers. Some of the best coffee shops and themed cafes with their amazing interior and exterior designs are a vital part of the dinning culture in Sukumvit.

    3. Night life

    Life in a city is incomplete without night life. Sukumvit is infamously known for Nana and Soi Cowboy areas where tourists are attracted to the notorious activities that these places offer. However, night life in Sukumvit can also be maximized by discovering local night hangout pubs for social drinkers, local clubs for dancers and night market for shoppers, and magnificent illuminated temples and riverfront for photographers. Whether you want to be out until wee hours of the morning or you just want to see the night lights, Sukumvit has many memorable experiences to offer after sundown. Hustlers Bangkok, a premium pool bar is also buzzing with life on any given night.

    4. Friendly

    The heat of the sun sure does make us cranky at times and tests our tempers, yet in Bangkok everyone seems to wear a smile. Sukumvit sure does have a smile. Although the streets seem to be in a constant state of chaos and bustling activities, the locals are genuinely friendly and helpful. If you happen to get lost or seem to have questions about direction, the guy selling coconut water will have no qualms in helping you out. Language may be a barrier but when it comes to being amiable, the locals are simply sociable in majority.

    Sukumvit sure does testify to the fact that Thailand indeed is a “land of smiles”.

    Here’s a GoPro ride from Nana BTS to Asok BTS Station: