4 Unexpected Places to Make New Friends in Bangkok

    Posted on November 9, 2016 01:26 PM by Admin

    One of the biggest challenges of living in a metropolis like Bangkok is meeting people, making new connection, and making that circle of friends which everyone wishes for. Not everyone is a social butterfly who can grab her purse and head out to find new friends. But Bangkok is a city where there are plenty of places to meet new people.


    Here are 4 places that have all the characteristics of a great meet-up venue.

    1. At the Gym

    If you are looking for likeminded fitness enthusiasts then going to a gym is like entering a hotbed of sweaty, savvy, and scintillating mortals. Don’t go to any gym but go to “The” gym, a happening place like Fitness First Terminal 21 which is a premium gym with latest training techniques. You may start out as yoga acquaintances or treadmill mates but gradually that can translate into substantial friendship.

    But does that mean you start chatting up everyone you meet in the gym? You may be surprised that every other person you try to have a conversation with may be wearing headphones to muffle the surrounding sounds. Be observant and smile. Look for opportunities to start up a conversation, ask open-ended questions like “ Do you like the zumba classes?”, “ How long have you been coming here?” You will soon realize if you have the potential to make connections or not.

    Remember endorphins are high and it’s a good chance you and your potential friends may go out for dinner after the gym.

    2.Volunteer Somewhere

    If you are the kind that finds joy in giving back to the community, then take a break from the shopping malls and volunteer at an NGO or other social projects. Bangkok offers many volunteering projects through foundations and organizations like Mercy CenterHabitat for Humanity and many other organizations that cater to children, adults and communities.

    Volunteering for a noteworthy cause is not only personally gratifying but it will also open possibilities to meet new people who share your enthusiasm. You may find that friendship may develop quicker in an environment where there is collaboration and cooperation.

    And this is what volunteering guarantees you. You will be doing fund raising activities, decorating, cleaning, cooking and above all bonding with your new friends.

    3. Go Dancing

    If you want to make new friends right at the spot, then you should join a dance class. It is one great remedy for socially awkward people and one great solution for lonely, sociable people in the city. When you join a beginner’s class there are high chances that you may be developing a new circle of friends. You are not only in the same level but you will also share the same challenges and excitements! Your silly moves and mistakes will be ignored and you will soon be practicing the steps together.

    Bangkok has some great dance studios like Bangkok Dance AcademyRumpureeUrban Dance Studio and more. They offer classes for all levels of dancers wanting to try out varieties of dance forms such as salsa, tango, ballet, belly dancing, samba, hip hop, and flamenco. The best part of joining these dance lessons are the dance parties and social nights that take place.

    You don’t need to go club hopping anymore. Just get your dancing shoes and head to the closest dance studio.

    4. Go to Hustlers

    If you’ve been thinking that making new friends is not easy, then you will have to change your mind when you go to Hustlers Bangkok. Besides being a hangout for pool lovers, Hustlers Bangkok is the only sports bar in Bangkok where you don’t have to be a pro to play pool.

    You may find yourself engaged in a competition as a spectator or you may easily find a friendly person who wouldn’t mind coaching you.