3 Places to Kill Time in Sukumvit

    Posted on May 16, 2017 08:46 AM by Admin

    “Boring” is an adjective that doesn’t seem to fit a city like Bangkok. No, definitely not when there is so much happening in the city. But glittering malls, cultural fests and gastronomic experiences may cease to fascinate you after you’ve lived here long enough.


    If you do happen to struggle with killing time in this city, here are 3 great places to not just kill time but explore something new on Sukumvit as well.

    Place #1: Dasa Book Store

    Dasa Book store is a popular place in Sukumvit where all bookworms find their way on a Saturday afternoon. With over 18,000 fiction and non-fiction books all stacked up in the three floors, you will have a great time exploring books in English and various European languages. Since the books are second hand, the deals are irresistible. From travel guides to classics, they have them all.

    Besides being a great escape from the Bangkok heat, it is also a great place to read a book with a cup of coffee in hand, an added incentive. The atmosphere of the bookstore is pretty attractive, so you’ll can easily spend an entire afternoon browsing and reading on a hot, lazy day in Bangkok.

    Place #2: Bangkok Art and Culture Center

    Located in Pathum Wan, opposite MBK Mall, is Bangkok Art and Culture Center which is one of Bangkok’s finest contemporary arts centers. This art center has state-of-art facilities, including everything from cafes to shops to galleries. Some major international events take place at this very center almost on a monthly basis. Most events are free for visitors.

    You can surely get your art fix here by spending few hours (or more) browsing through the various array of art exhibits all sprawled across nine floors. Yes, nine floors of art will surely give you a Louvre-like experience. You won’t just kill time here, you will enjoy it as well.

    Place #3: Hustlers Bangkok

    You don’t have to be an expert in billiards and neither a beer drinker to be in a place like Hustlers Bangkok. As unexciting as it may sound, the perfect place to kill time without getting bored is to be at place where you can say “ Hey, how’re you doin’?” and start up a casual conversation. Hustlers Bangkok is just that place.

    The staff here are warm and friendly and so are the visitors. You can even join the patrons there for a game of pool. If you are looking for a great time with some fun and good conversations, then Hustlers Bangkok located in the basement of Times Square Building on Sukumvit Road should be your choice.

    Here’s a glimpse of time well spent at Hustlers:


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