Hustlers Bangkok Runs 16 Pool Tournaments in a Year

    Posted on April 13, 2018 08:33 AM by Admin

    Mihnea: What tournament do you still run at Hustlers?

    Stuart: We still have our Sunday ranking tournament, every second Sunday. We have a ranking series comprised of 16 tournaments.

    Mihnea: That is in a year?

    Stuart: Yes, so it will be 32 weeks in total. We have first, second and third prize. And then all the remaining money that we get together we hold back for the ranking champions. The top 8 get paid and they get paid quite a lot of money as well.

    Mihnea: Who are the champions? Are they Hustler regulars or just random people walking in?

    Stuart: The ranking competitors are pretty much the same people. Every week you have one or two tourists that come in the want to play, but usually it’s the same faces. It’s a really good well-run tournament.

    Mihnea: Is that a bit disheartening like seeing the same people again and again or is like creating like a nice warm atmosphere?

    Stuart: I say we have a really good pool community here. There’s probably a tournament pool tournament here in Bangkok every single night.

    Mihnea: Somewhere around Bangkok?

    Stuart: One of the pool halls in Bangkok there’s going to be a tournament. If you ever come here on holiday and you want to play, this is just a pool heaven.


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