Best Drinks to Drink This Summer in Bangkok

    Posted on June 20, 2017 06:05 AM by Admin

    The best way to beat the heat this summer is to stay hydrated with cold drinks. When you are constantly thirsty and gulping down glasses upon glasses of water doesn’t help, you probably need something more.


    Here is a list of the 5 best drinks to quench your thirst this summer in Bangkok.

    1. Coconut water

    The most easily available healthiest drink you can find on the streets of Bangkok is coconut water. Green coconuts are piled in a cart and they are only opened when purchased which means they are 100% fresh. The top of the shell is opened and a straw is placed inside this fleshy nut. Sometimes coconut water is extracted and put into a plastic bag and chilled for those customers who prefer to drink it cold.

    2. Gatorade/Sponsor

    The energy lost in the sweaty heat needs to be replaced with an energy drink like Gatorade or Sponsor. This drink is easily available at supermarkets and 7-Eleven stores in different citrus flavors.

    3. Water

    It’s hot out there so the most sensible drink to freshen yourself with would be water. Bottled water is easily available anywhere in Bangkok. And then, there is 7-Eleven, Thailand’s most widespread convenient store. When you walk into a 7-Evelen in any street to buy a bottle of water the varieties of water at your disposal will baffle you. You will have to have a very sensitive palate to discern the taste of their various brands of water. Nevertheless, they are the safest and cleanest form of drinking water. You may also find water vending machines which sell water that is cheaper than bottled water. Toss in a 1-baht coin and get a liter of water!

    4. Fresh fruit juice

    If you are conscious about your sugar intake in packed juices then spend 20 to 40 baht and get freshly squeezed drinks from the street juice vendors. Most varieties of fresh fruit juices include lemon, pomegranate and oranges which are sold in small and medium sizes. Loaded with vitamin C, these juices are thirst quenchers while wondering around the city.

    5. Chilled drinks

    If you prefer to escape the heat and enjoy a chilled drink, then head to Hustlers Bangkok. From local beer to signature drinks, you can opt for anything you fancy to relieve your thirst.