3 Bangkok Pub Games You Can Enjoy Right Now

    Posted on February 17, 2017 10:00 AM by Admin

    No plans for tonight? You can always go out and get involved in a bar game.

    Here are 3 pub games you can choose from if you’re downtown Bangkok.

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    Although darts in Thailand is mostly perceived as a “bar game,” it is also a professional competitive sport with regional and worldwide events being held on a regular basis. The vast majority of bars in Bangkok have soft dart targets, played with dull plastic tips and a plastic board with many small pits into which the dart tips stick when they hit the board.

    In Bangkok, both expatriates and locals have gathered together around the Darts Thailand Club to indulge in their love of darts, beer and beautiful women.

    bar games


    Chess is for everyone, the old, the young, boys, girls, no mater of nationality. Maybe the greatest thing about chess is that you can have two players who can’t understand each other’s language, but who can still have an entertaining game of chess together.

    If you are interested in playing chess with a large variety of nationalities, then you should be pleased to know that Bangkok Chess Club meets twice a week. The Bangkok Chess Club meets every Friday evening on Sukhumvit Soi 23 – walking distance from Sukhumvit MRT and Asoke BTS.

    bar games


    According to Graham Hill, co-owner of Hustlers Bangkok, “Pool is a great sport to play because anyone of any age, any size, any nationality and really any ability level can play and have fun! Also it doesn’t require any great need to be in shape like most sports, which certainly suits us expats.”

    Hustlers Bangkok is a sports bar of over 380 sqm and has 11 full size Brunswick pool tables, which are maintained to the highest standards, using championship cloth. They have 9 big TV screens showing all the latest sports action from around the world and a modern big projector screen showing the latest music videos.

    Let us know which of these pub games who enjoyed the most!


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