5 Frugal Activities You Can Do with Children in Bangkok City

    Posted on March 8, 2017 05:50 PM by Admin

    Bangkok is full of exciting and fun attractions for everyone. If you are looking for some fun activities for children in Bangkok, typical places like amusement parks, zoos and aquariums are likely to pop up in your minds. However, most of these activities are often expensive, often burning a hole in the pocket.

    Here are 5 frugal activities you can do with your kids in Bangkok:


    Activity #1: Explore the city parks

    There are many parks in Bangkok where children of all ages can find something fun to do on a cool Bangkok evening. These parks have biking areas, outdoor play grounds and fitness areas with workout equipments where you can encourage the kids to indulge in some physical activities. Some popular parks are Benjakitti Park, Lumpini Park, Benjasiri Park and Chatuchak Park, all lush and green, inviting all children to burn off energy from morning to late evening.

    Activity #2: Go for a picnic

    Popular picnic spots in Bangkok are unarguably the green parks in Bangkok. Find a shady area under a tree and spread your picnic mat. Eating outdoor is always special for children, especially if they are out with friends. You can encourage your children to pack and organize a picnic basket and have them lay the picnic when you reach the park. They can even come up with their own recipes for the picnic basket.

    Activity #3: Visit a library

    Neilson Hays Library in Bangkok is a popular destination for kids and parents who have a passion for books and reading. Let you child explore the Children’s Corner, a special cozy place where children can read from an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Don’t miss out the Saturday morning Children’s Story time sessions where children can not only listen to engaging stories but also make new friends.

    Activity #4: Fun outing at farmer’s market

    Farmer’s market is a great place to trigger curiosity in a child. They may be able to spot things that they may not usually see in a super market. Bangkok Farmer’s Market at Gateway Ekkamai is an excellent place to take your children on a weekend. This visit may also offer you a teaching opportunity to enlighten your children on organic food, consumerism, and even GMOs.

    Activity #5: Shopping Mall tour

    Just because you enter a shopping mall doesn’t mean you have to shop. In a hot city like Bangkok, people often go to malls to escape the blistering summer heat. Terminal 21 (located in Asok only 850 meters from Hustlers Bangkok) is a great mall to simply tour around with children. This impressive mall has an airport theme where every level of the mall is designated to famous world destinations. Let your children wander around and discover sculptors of sumo wrestlers and samurais, London’s double-decker bus, London underground, Roman mythological sculptures and the replica of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

    Bottom line, Bangkok is offers a great variety of activities you can do together with your children.

    And something for the adults in the evening…