Interview with Stuart Pettman – The hall manager at Hustlers Bangkok

    Posted on August 21, 2016 10:47 AM by Admin

    Some time ago, Stuart Pettman, co-owner and hall manager at Hustlers Bangkok, was interviewed by Bangkok-based journalist V.M. Simandan. They talked about Stuart’s extensive experience as a snooker player and what the transition to pool and billiards has meant.

    Stuart Pettman
    Stuart Pettman at Hustlers Bangkok

    Here’s an extract from the interview:

    Do you miss the excitement of competitions? Are you still playing?

    Yes, I do miss the excitement of the professional tour, but not the pressure and stress of it. Right now I’ve just starting playing competitive snooker after a 5-year layoff, playing in the Thailand Ranking Series. Its great fun and not serious at all but still with the competitive buzz which keeps us all playing.

    You’ve met some of the world’s best pool players. As a pro yourself, what impressed you the most when you had the chance to play with them?

    This might seem a bit controversial, but when I compare professional pool players with professional snooker players, there is no comparison. In my experience, quite a big percentage of professional pool players are lazy, scruffy, egotistical and over opinionated. In the most part it’s the complete opposite with professional snooker players: they are the ultimate gentlemen of cue sports and it was a pleasure to play with them for many years.

    Read the entire interview by visiting V.M. Simandan’s blog.

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